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HEADLINES:    9/27/2023 - Total Control “Social Credit System” In The Works and Coming to America …… Time to Stop This !!!   9/27/2023 - Total Control "Social Credit System" In The Works and Coming to America ...... Time to Stop This !!!   9/24/2020 - Hidden Agenda - Real Conspiracies that Affect Our Lives Today   9/24/2020 - Humanity must prepare the physical body ASAP ..please read!   9/23/2020 - Hidden Agenda – Real Conspiracies that Affect Our Lives Today   9/23/2020 - Humanity must prepare the physical body ASAP … please read!   9/21/2022 - . Chimera Situation Update   9/20/2017 - The Secret Space Program   9/19/2021 - Kryon September 2021 - Time's Up!   9/19/2020 - The Real Reason of COVID19   9/19/2020 - The Real Reason of COVID19   9/13/2017 - Mushaba Message   9/11/2022 - . How Africa is Exploited In The Name of "Democracy"   9/11/2022 - . Viruses or Deep State Cabal Made Depopulation Programs, Each With Their Respective Patents ???   9/11/2022 - . Globalists Deep State Cabal Explain in Simple Terms ...   9/11/2022 - . Subliminal Acoustic Manipulation   9/10/2022 - . IRS Is a Fraud, Explained by Former IRS Agent ...   9/9/2022 - . Military Tribunal Convicts Paul Pelosi   9/1/2016 - Just Say No To Vaccines   10/31/2020 - Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct31, 2020   10/31/2020 - John FKennedy via Erena Velazquez | October 31, 2020   10/31/2020 - Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 31, 2020   10/31/2020 - John F. Kennedy via Erena Velazquez | October 31, 2020   10/31/2019 - The Event - 2020 Stargate   10/31/2016 - The Targetted Destruction of the Family Unit   10/29/2023 - New Speaker of the House is Zionist Evangelical Christian Who Wants Americans to Believe He was Ordained by God to Support Israel and Destroy Palestinians   10/29/2022 - . Spelling It Out ....   10/28/2022 - . INTEL, OBSERVATIONS, and NEW INFO   10/28/2022 - . Mensahe mula kay Val Thor ng Intergalactic Confederation   10/28/2019 - Look In The Mirror Every Morning And See the New You   10/28/2019 - Coup attempt against Donald Trump fails, October revolution continues   10/28/2019 - Mary Magdalene – Bride of Christ   10/28/2019 - Templars, Freemasons & Rosicrucians   10/28/2019 - Zorra Call - Updates RV etc, Jared Rand & Special guest - CEO Byron Belka-Rain Intl   10/27/2023 - Auto Draft   10/27/2023 - MESSAGE FROM SAINT GERMAIN   10/25/2023 - Q: We Are Saving Israel For Last [10.24] Yuge Intel Report!   10/25/2022 - . Unprecedented Breaking Update – Timelines: Earth Liberation Battles and the Solar Micro-Nova   10/25/2022 - . Message from Val Thor of the Intergalactic Confederation   10/25/2022 - . Pleiadians 2022 - Med Beds and Nano Technology   10/25/2022 - . The Tartarian Meltdown   10/25/2022 - . Mensaje de el Arcangel Miguel - Ascension   10/25/2016 - ChemTrails - Las Vegas Under Siege   10/23/2023 - DECLAS - They Have It All !!!   10/23/2016 - Five GESARA Important Updates   10/22/2023 - Special Forces-Spetznas Team Crushes Adrenochrome Cartel in Ukraine   10/22/2023 - The Weaponizing of Propaganda and the AI God   10/21/2020 - Today ...We HONOR the fallen heroes, who were betrayed and downed by the deep state cabal.   10/20/2023 - "The truth will set you free" .....   10/20/2020 - Today …. We HONOR the fallen heroes, who were betrayed and downed by the deep state cabal   10/14/2023 - Marines Capture Deep State Base in Bloody Battle   10/13/2020 - ** ITS HAPPENING ** CRIMES GOING PUBLIC **   10/13/2020 - ** ITS HAPPENING ** CRIMES GOING PUBLIC **   10/12/2016 - Like a Thief in The Night   10/11/2020 - Adamu is Channeled - COVID, Elections, 4D and 5D, The D-Elite   10/10/2023 - Marine Corps Base Massacre   10/10/2023 - Carrier Strike Group Drops Anchor; Defies Biden Regime!   10/10/2020 - Adamu is Channeled – COVID, Elections, 4D and 5D, The D-Elite   10/9/2022 - . ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. Censorship, Fauci & The Truth About Big Pharma   10/8/2022 - . PROOF: COVID Jab Reacts to 5G Towers, Designed to Kill   10/7/2023 - 19,000 Doctors Indicted for Covid Crimes   10/7/2023 - Marines Sink FEMA Ship in the Pacific   10/7/2023 - Military Tribunal Convicts Former IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig of Treason, Defrauding the United States   10/7/2023 - Special Forces-Spetznas Team Kills Pedo Kingpin in Ukraine   10/7/2023 - Military Arrests FEMA Deputy Administrator Erik Hooks   10/7/2023 - Military Arrests Moderna Clot Shot Creator   10/7/2023 - White Hats to Disable Phones, Mobile Devices During FEMA EAS Test on October 4   10/7/2023 - Marines Arrest 67 Maui Perpetrators   10/7/2023 - Marines Neutralize Fleeing FEMA Convoy in Maui   10/7/2023 - White Hats Shoot Down FEMA Plane Leaving Hawaii   10/7/2023 - Janet Yellen Arrested for Treason   10/7/2023 - Special Forces Save Kids from Deep State Ritual Sacrifice   10/7/2023 - White Hats Destroy FEMA’s EBS   10/7/2023 - Marines Push FEMA Out of Maui   10/3/2020 - Prime Creator: Final Phase   10/3/2020 - Prime Creator: Final Phase   11/30/2016 - Masters Speak   11/29/2022 - . Uncounted Vaccine Deaths on Our Highways and Railways   11/28/2022 - . THE PLEIADIANS – THE TRUE STORY OF HUMANITY   11/28/2019 - Q = We The People   11/28/2019 - Q = We The People   11/27/2022 - . Military Tribunal Convicts Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel   11/27/2016 - The Truth About Ebola and Vaccines   11/26/2016 - Mother GAIA Message   11/25/2022 - . The Mystery of the Essenes   11/25/2016 - The Event   11/24/2016 - The New Scriptures   11/23/2022 - . Gunfight at the Federal Reserve   11/23/2016 - Open Letter to World Leaders   11/23/2016 - RV Update   11/23/2016 - Surrender - Master Saint Germain   11/23/2016 - Master Saint Germain Message   11/22/2016 - Lord Ashtar Message   11/20/2016 - Admiral Richard Byrd Diary   11/20/2016 - Admiral Richard Byrd   11/20/2016 - GESARA Update   11/20/2016 - Saturday Call - Hollow Earth Network   11/20/2016 - The Time is Now   11/19/2019 - How Qanon Began – The Most Powerful Speech Ever Given By President Trump   11/18/2019 - How Qanon Began - The Most Powerful Speech Ever Given By President Trump   11/18/2016 - Hollow Earth   11/17/2019 - Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 16 2019   11/17/2019 - Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov16 2019   11/16/2019 - The Pleiadian Prophecy   11/16/2019 - The Pleiadian Prophecy   11/12/2020 - Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez | November 11, 2020   11/12/2020 - Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez | November 11, 2020   11/11/2016 - The RV is Underway   11/9/2019 - The Breakthrough is Coming   11/8/2020 - Amazing Revealing - Neither Biden Nor Trump Will Be President on 2021   11/8/2020 - Amazing Revealing - Neither Biden Nor Trump will be president on 2021.   11/8/2019 - 11/11/2019 - Silver Trigger - MASS Meditation - Cobra - The Event   11/8/2019 - 11/11/2019 – Silver Trigger – MASS Meditation – Cobra – The Event   11/8/2019 - The Breakthrough is Coming   11/7/2022 - . The Tombstone for the Modern Civilization   11/7/2022 - . The Distortion of Knowledge, The Corruption of Mysticism, the Rise of The AI Demon God, And the Impending Fall of The Masons (The Brotherhood)   11/6/2023 - 23.11.06 - False Flag Prevented   11/6/2020 - The Stage Is Set – Ballot Watermarks Tell a Tale ….   11/6/2020 - The Stage Is Set - Ballot Watermarks Tell a Tale ....   11/4/2023 - Auto Draft   11/4/2023 - . 23.11.05 - Jesus Message, Jag Arrested, Benjamin Fulford and David Rodriguez, Charlie Ward & Chris Sky, Clinton Crime Family   11/4/2016 - GESARA Update   11/3/2023 - . 23.11.03 - Father / Mother ADONAI, Zionism Unmasked, Reflections, The Third Temple   11/3/2023 - . Full Disclosure Would Accelerate the Process of Awakening   11/3/2023 - Auto Draft   11/3/2019 - California Fires = Light forces Purging-out of the Dark Forces   11/3/2019 - California Fires = Light forces Purging-out of the Dark Forces   11/2/2023 - . 23.11.02 - The WHO, The Khazarian Mafia, Mathew Ward Timely Message, Forces of Light Victory   11/2/2023 - . Nov 1, 2023 - Special Intel Report   11/2/2022 - . Truth In Plain Sight About the Bio Weapon Known as Covid-19 and the Associated "Vaccines"   11/2/2022 - . Let the truth be told. Fluvid-19 (2022) "HARD HITTING", “HIGH IMPACT”   11/2/2019 - A New You   11/2/2019 - 19.10.20 – Exciting News And The Real Meaning of Being “Born Again”   11/2/2019 - The Event – 2020 Stargate   11/2/2019 - Confirmation of Two Galactics in Images   11/2/2019 - Ashtar Karee – Huge Attack Underway Against Our Fleets At The Mid 4D Level   11/2/2019 - Operation "Master Piece" (Disclosure)   11/2/2019 - U.S. headed for civil war as military mobilizes to take down cabal   11/1/2019 - Mary Magdalene – Bride of Christ   11/1/2019 - Coup attempt against Donald Trump fails, October revolution continues   11/1/2019 - Templars, Freemasons & Rosicrucians   11/1/2019 - Zorra Call Updates RV, etc ...   11/1/2016 - Update From The Galactic Federation   5/29/2022 - . “Let’s Play a Game” by Ron Giles – 5.9.21   5/29/2022 - . 18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates   5/29/2022 - . THE REVOLUTION OF HEALING | Advancing Beyond MedBed Technology | SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!!!   5/29/2022 - . Scientists have achieved a breakthrough in data teleportation using "quantum internet"   5/29/2022 - . Good News Friday: May 27/2022 by Sidney Powell   5/29/2022 - . Monoatomics 101   5/29/2022 - . Child Prodigy Paints Visions from God | SuperHuman Geniuses | Only Human   5/27/2022 - . AA - We Have Been Given a Signal (Emissary Kara)   5/27/2022 - . “FIFTH-DIMENSIONAL MANIFESTING” - PLEIADIAN LIGHT FORCES TRANSMISSIONS by Michael Love   5/27/2022 - . Kerry Cassidy Interviews Jessica Schwab   5/27/2022 - . CHEMTRAILS BY DEEPSTATE REVEALED   5/27/2022 - . FOOTAGE OF THE REAL SURFACE OF MARS AND THE CURRENT CIVILIZATION LIVING THERE   5/26/2021 - Predator Drone Whistleblower   5/26/2021 - Predator Drone Whistleblower   5/23/2021 - A Different Perspective - (Lord Sananda)   5/23/2021 - Amazing Hypnosis Channeling!   5/23/2021 - Message from Sananda through Dancing Dolphin - STAY THE COURSE - May 17, 2021   5/21/2017 - The Planet of Bliss - Heaven   5/20/2022 - . AA - ALL IS HAPPENING IN DIVINE TIMING   5/20/2022 - . White Hat Takeover   5/20/2022 - . Inside The Federation of Light Motherships   5/20/2022 - . DEEP DIVE INTO THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD SUPPLY & TALK OF SHORTAGES! ARE WE SEEING MORE PSY-OP BATTLES?   5/20/2022 - . Archangel Michael - On Wings Of Light   5/19/2017 - Decyphering The Vatican   5/17/2022 - AA - YOU HAVE A TEAM GUIDING YOU ( Lord Sananda)   5/15/2021 - Amazing Hypnosis Channeling - Disclosure   5/14/2017 - The Methodic Destruction of The Family Unit   5/10/2021 - Cobra Update - May 6, 2021   5/10/2017 - US Corporate Government Bankrupt   5/9/2017 - 50 Years of Lies - NASA   5/8/2017 - The Deliverate Dumming-Down of America   5/6/2018 - World Renowned Scientists Have Their Lab Shut Down After Troublesome Vaccine Discovery   5/5/2022 - . GAIA Has Ascended   5/5/2017 - Pleiadian Message   5/4/2021 - Cobra Update - May 6, 2021   5/4/2021 - Cobra Update - May 6, 2021   5/4/2017 - Cabal Mind Control   5/3/2022 - . Message from Mother Gaia / Ukraine / "Useless Eaters"   5/3/2022 - . Sonoma County Sheriff - Files Criminal Investigation - COVID Injections   5/3/2022 - . "Just Above Survival" - The Story of Why Latin America is Still in Utter Poverty   5/2/2022 - Auto Draft   5/2/2022 - . AA - The Paths Are Diverging (AA Michael)   5/1/2016 - The Cabal and The Knowledge Filtration Box   3/31/2022 - . All Is Being Done In The Right Divine (Lord Sananda)   3/31/2021 - An Urgent Message from Metatron: April 11, 21   3/31/2021 - An Urgent Message from Metatron: April, 2021 & 8 Levels of 1st Density Consciousness (2021)   3/31/2020 - Galactic Federation Message To Humanity (March 2020) by Elizabeth Aprill   3/31/2020 - David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What’s Really Going On?   3/30/2021 - Please, Please, Please Do Not Allow Your Family Members To Be Swabbed With COVID test Swabs, They Are Infected!   3/29/2021 - Please, please, please do no allow anyone to swap you with covid test swaps, they are infected with ...   3/29/2020 - David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What's Really Going On?   3/29/2020 - David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What's Really Going On?   3/29/2020 - Galactic Federation Message To Humanity (March 2020) by Elizabeth Aprill   3/28/2021 - God’s Children Are Not For Sale!!! We Will Not Be Your Slaves Anymore   3/28/2021 - officer to testify concerning the manipulation through the dominion voting machines (in the US), through the Frankfurt servers (CIA safe-house operation) from a safe-house in Italy that was being run by Italian intelligence   3/28/2021 - "God's Children Are Not For Sale!!! We Will Not Be Your Slaves Anymore"   3/28/2021 - "officer to testify concerning the manipulation through the dominion voting machines (in the US), through the Frankfurt servers (CIA safe-house operation) from a safe-house in Italy that was being run by Italian intelligence."   3/27/2022 - . Delta Force Seizes Deep State Stronghold   3/26/2023 - The New Financial System   3/25/2021 - Adronis - Crop Circles Purposed Revealed   3/25/2021 - The First Child Born Into The Matrix   3/25/2021 - Planet Lockdown   3/25/2021 - General McInerney - 3 Star General Speaks About Upcoming COVID.20 and COVID.21 - Do not Vaccinate !!!!   3/24/2021 - The Dark Cabal Minions Oath   3/24/2021 - The Dark Cabal Minions Oath   3/24/2021 - Adronis - Crop Circles Purpose Revealed   3/24/2021 - First Child Born Into The Matrix   3/24/2021 - Planet Lockdown   3/24/2021 - General McInerney – 3 Star General Speaks About Upcoming COVID.20 and COVID.21 – Do not Vaccinate !!!!   3/20/2022 - . AA - Understanding The Truth of Your Being (Lord Ashtar)   3/19/2023 - . The New Financial System (Master Saint Germain)   3/19/2017 - Last Warning to Humanity   3/14/2022 - . Trump Promises a “RECKONING”   3/14/2020 - Coronavirus Comes from a Meat Market--Go Veggie   3/14/2020 - Corona Virus a Conver for Mass Arrest?   3/14/2020 - Finish On Upper Earth   3/14/2020 - LIQUID GOLD - The Cure for Corona Virus!   3/13/2022 - . AA - Programming Being Dissolved (Master Saint Germain)   3/12/2022 - . Situation Update - Bio-Labs in Ukraine, Nazys, Zionists, Cabal, Child Trafficking, New Quantum System   3/12/2017 - Bin Ladden or Col. Tim Osman ?   3/7/2022 - . Beware of the "World Economic Forum" - A Full Mind Control Agenda Is Being Rolled-Out !!!   3/6/2022 - . AA - Just Do It!   6/30/2020 - Deep State Under The Hood   6/30/2020 - The "Deep State" - Under The Hood   6/30/2019 - The Three Waves of Ascension   6/29/2021 - Mar-a-Lago, the New White House   6/28/2022 - . The Christ Consciousness Grid   6/28/2021 - 21.06.28 – Connecting The Dots (Lord Ashtar)   6/26/2022 - . The Christ Consciousness Grid (Lord Sananda)   6/26/2019 - Unemployed Angels   6/25/2019 - The Art of Manifestation - Pleiadian Emissary Kara   6/23/2022 - . AA - Gamma Rays, The Photon Belt, and Higher Energies (Archangel Michael)   6/23/2019 - Despues de la RV   6/23/2019 - Yeshua(Jesus) - Bring My Children Back Home   6/22/2021 - It Is Happening !!!   6/20/2019 - Meeting Minutes - Zorra, Sananda, Prime Creator, Source   6/19/2019 - Stepping Out of The Matrix   6/18/2023 - 23.06.04 - Jesus Sets The Record Straight (Lord Yeshua)   6/18/2019 - Stepping Out of The Matrix - Master Kara   6/16/2024 - Auto Draft   6/16/2022 - . ASSISTANCE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL"   6/14/2022 - . The Attempted Assassination of Donald J. Trump! Rogue Missiles Fired!   6/14/2022 - . We Should Not Kill Cows, Cow Is Our Second Mother   6/14/2022 - . AA - The Light Of Truth And Oneness Is Spreading   6/14/2022 - . Urgent - Take Your Kids Out of School !!!   6/14/2022 - . The "Cancer" Cure ..... Really!   6/13/2021 - Complete The Grid (Master Saint Germain)   6/13/2021 - Complete The Grid - Master Saint Germain   6/13/2021 - Complete The Grid - Master Saint Germain   6/13/2021 - It Cannot Be Stopped Anymore - David Icke   6/13/2021 - Complete The Grid (Master Saint Germain)   6/13/2021 - It Cannot Be Stopped Anymore - David Icke   6/10/2017 - Father Zorra Call   6/8/2022 - . AA - Experiencing Altered State of Consciousness (Lord Sananda)   6/5/2024 - Auto Draft   6/5/2024 - . 24.06.04 - White _ Hats Arrest Three of the Twelve Deep _ State Jurors Who Unlawfully Found President Trump Guilty   6/4/2022 - . Davos 2022 World Economic Forum Summary   6/3/2017 - Trabajadores De Luz   6/2/2022 - . It Is All About Perspective (Lord Sananda)   6/1/2021 - Just like in The Matrix - Free Your Mind   6/1/2021 - 21.05.09 Just like in The Matrix - Free Your Mind !!!   6/1/2021 - 05/09/2021 - Just like in The Matrix - Free Your Mind   6/1/2016 - The Cabal in Latin America   6/1/2016 - Ascension Boot Camp   7/31/2022 - . Urgent Message to the Surface Population   7/30/2021 - What (In The World) is "Disclosure"?   7/28/2021 - Antartica's Secret UFO Bases   7/28/2021 - Eugenics Terrorists   7/27/2022 - . The Roman Empire And Canada Are Charged with Crimes to Children   7/26/2022 - . Usury - You Will Wish You Watched This Before Tomorrow   7/25/2021 - Unthinkable Kissinger Quote From a Speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics - Feb 25, 2009.   7/25/2021 - Dificil de Creerlo - Palabras de Kissinger en discurso a la Organización Mundial de La Salud acerca de el tema de Eugenics, 25 de Febrero, 2009   7/24/2022 - . The "Divine Matrix And The Leaders For The New Era   7/24/2020 - World War III Has Started   7/24/2020 - World War III - Has Started   7/23/2022 - . Scopolamine Found in Child Covid Vaccines   7/23/2019 - Execution of George Bush Sr and Wife   7/22/2022 - . Major Timeline Shift (4th of July by Michael Love)   7/18/2019 - The MKUltra Program   7/18/2019 - The Company   7/18/2019 - China Lake Base Dark Secrets   7/17/2022 - . Timely Message from Master Victory   7/17/2022 - . The Inter-galactic Trials Have Begun (Corey Goode)   7/17/2021 - The Plan To Save The World   7/16/2019 - Earth Alliance Update   7/15/2021 - Only The Strong Will Survive, Prepare Yourself Emotionally   7/15/2021 - The Monoliths   7/15/2021 - The Story of a Star Traveller   7/13/2022 - . A NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR PHYSICAL TRANSFIGURATION   7/13/2022 - . "Fake News" In a Nutshell   7/13/2022 - Who Needs Nazis, When The World Has Zionists - UN chief calls for blacklisting Israel over child deaths   7/13/2019 - Traigan mis niños de vuelta a casa   7/12/2022 - . X22 Report: Trump Sends Message! Crimes Against Humanity! House Of Cards! Pain!   7/11/2022 - . Our Cosmic Origins (Ishmael Perez)   7/10/2022 - . Georgia Stones Destroyed, All Monuments of Evil Falling, The New World Order is Crumbling (AA Michael)   7/9/2019 - The Event   7/6/2022 - . Earth Work Involvement in Cosmic War   7/6/2021 - The Nuremberg Trials 2.0 Have Begun!   7/5/2022 - . Vote Flipping Software - It Is Real!   7/4/2022 - . Finally - The New Era is Here !!! And We Humans Are Starting To Notice ...   7/4/2022 - . Interview With a Cosmic Ambassador   7/4/2017 - A Day to Honor Our Whistleblower Heroes   7/3/2022 - . You Can Now Begin To Hear The Bells Of Freedom Once Again (Master Saint Germain)   7/3/2020 - JULY 4th 2020 ECLIPSE – A GLOBAL MISSION FOR THE USA   7/3/2020 - JULY 4th 2020 ECLIPSE - A GLOBAL MISSION FOR THE USA   7/2/2022 - . Food & Beverage Brands That Contain - NANOBOTS   7/2/2020 - Pleiadians - We Will Appear Get Ready For This Day!   7/2/2020 - PLEIADIANS - WE WILL APPEAR GET READY FOR THIS DAY!   7/2/2019 - Kryon Special   7/2/2017 - Light-Warrior Training   7/1/2021 - 2021 Year Old Photograph of Disciples John and Peter   7/1/2021 - Ashtar: The New Jerusalem   7/1/2016 - The Cabal Structure   1/31/2022 - . THE VACCINATION AGENDA IS DARKER THAN ANYONE COULD IMAGINE   1/30/2016 - America Free At last   1/29/2022 - . Truck Convoy Protest Against Mandates / Vaccine Agenda in Canada   1/27/2022 - . (Espanol) Ultimas Noticias - El Cabal Pierde Su Finansamiento   1/24/2022 - . This is How We Solve It - 1. Stop Listening to Media, 2. Stop Wearing a Mask, 3. Do Not Vaccinate ....................... Dr. Judy   1/24/2022 - . Latest X22 Report   1/24/2022 - . A Message from God on Creating Prosperity   1/22/2022 - . End Of Deep State / Dark Cabal Control ..... No Really !!!   1/19/2018 - Former Illuminati Insider Claims There are Two Types of Cloning   1/18/2018 - Liberatin Is Near At Hand   1/15/2022 - . PREMEDITATED MASS MURDER? Reiner Fuellmich's Upcoming Legal Battle Against Gates, Fauci & Tedros   1/15/2018 - CIA Hijacked by Nazis   1/14/2022 - The Portal - Situation Update by Cobra:   1/14/2018 - Dark Cabal Launches Nuclear Missile At Hawaii - Alliance Stops Attack   1/13/2021 - It's Not Over Yet!   1/12/2021 - It`s Not Over Yet!   1/11/2022 - SSP Alliance Official Update   1/11/2022 - Message From The Pleaidians   1/10/2021 - Lord Ashtar and Prime Creator Message via Sharon Stewart   1/10/2021 - Trump - Our Now-Days George Washington   1/10/2021 - Trump - Our Now-Days George Washington   1/9/2022 - A Message From God of This Universe   1/9/2021 - Lord Ashtar and Prime Creator Message via Sharon Stewart   1/8/2022 - 2022 - CHANNELLING FROM SIRIUS ON 7.1.2022   1/6/2022 - An Economic Model For the 5D ...   1/6/2018 - Master Saint Germain 2018 Message   1/1/2015 - The Cabal   2/26/2016 - Dollar To Include China Signature in 2018   2/24/2022 - . The Trap We Are In   2/24/2022 - . Ascension Plan Update   2/22/2022 - . Time To Claim Our Independence from Covid Mafia and Their Minions. Let Us Pray This Month in Unity and Let Us Unite. We Are The Beloved Children of The Same God, Not Slaves To The Evil Cabal !   2/21/2021 - The Cosmic Secret - David Wilcock & Corey Goode   2/20/2022 - . Feb.2022 - Archangel Michael Message   2/17/2021 - 21.02.17 - DrLarry Palevsky, MD - "This Vaccine is a MURDER WEAPON!"   2/17/2021 - CDC Being Sued for Fraud - COVID19 Does Not Exist!   2/14/2021 - Reptilian Children Holocaust   2/11/2018 - The War on Terror is Over & One Trillion / YR Budget for "Thought Cancer"   2/10/2022 - . Internet of Bodies - This is Their Plan For Us .... Hooolly Shiskabob !!!   2/9/2022 - . Adress To The Nation - Backed By Real Science   2/9/2022 - . Pleiadians - We Are Waiting For You & Healing Chambers   2/9/2022 - . GREAT WIN - ALL MANDATES LIFTED IN SASKATCHEWAN BY END OF FEBRUARY, THANK YOU TRUCKERS!   2/9/2022 - . Ottawa - The Face of Heroes   2/8/2022 - . Matthew Ward: Effects of Acceleration Mode   2/8/2021 - MANIFESTING IN THE GOLDEN AGE - PLEIADIAN LIGHT FORCES   2/8/2021 - MANIFESTING IN THE GOLDEN AGE – PLEIADIAN LIGHT FORCES   2/8/2018 - The Shutdown of "Project Israel"   2/7/2016 - Disclosure In 2016   2/7/2016 - Graduation Day   2/5/2022 - . PLEIADIAN ASCENSION TEACHINGS – THE DIVINE LIGHT   2/5/2021 - It’s done. Deep State collapses. The Best is coming NOW! Is FRIDAY 5th the BIG DAY?   2/5/2021 - It's doneDeep State collapsesThe Best is coming NOW! Is FRIDAY 5th the BIG DAY?   2/4/2022 - . Rumors, Marian Fleet, Inevitable Fate, Portal 02/02   2/4/2022 - . ASCENSION - MESSAGE FROM SIRIUS ON 1.2.2022   2/4/2018 - Time to Go About Your Father's Business   2/2/2021 - Jan.31.2020 - Lord Ashtar Message via Ancient Awakenings   2/2/2021 - Jan.31.2020 – Lord Ashtar Message via Ancient Awakenings   2/1/2021 - Warning!! This Is Urgent!! 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Mother Gaia Messages

Nov 26, 2016

Mother Gaia and her Twin flame Gondolos
channeled by Chloe Hudson


. Mother Gaia message
. Ground, ground, ground!
. Mother Gaia higher self
. Mother Gaia twin flame
. Scientific Understanding
. Tangible evidence to inminent

5 Fracking Facts

July 5, 2016 by Wes Annac


I wrote the following for the two hundred and fourth issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of shooting hundreds of gallons of highly pressurized water with chemicals added into underground rock shielding natural gas reserves.

Along with the chemicals, the pressurized water breaks up the rock and allows the natural gas to be extracted.

As if oil companies weren’t depleting this precious natural resource enough; they now have a method to extract oil that seems even worse for the environment.

Proponents argue that fracking is a great way to access natural gas reserves that are otherwise inaccessible, but critics and lovers of the environment argue that it’s dangerous to the planet and especially to the water supplies of cities and towns near fracking sites.

Here, we’ll look at five damning facts about fracking that reveal that it isn’t as safe as Big Oil wants you to think.

Lobbyists and the oil companies they work for will forever try to convince the public fracking is okay and we have nothing to worry about, but these facts reveal that it’s dangerous and needs to come to an end.

Our first fact sheds light on the fracking process for those who don’t know how it works:

1. Fracking Consists of Two Techniques

According to Marc Lallanilla at Live Science, what we know as fracking consists of two different techniques: hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling 1. Hydraulic fracturing has been in use since the 1940s, but horizontal drilling didn’t become popular until the 90s 1.

The process begins with a well being drilled vertically or at a specific angle 1. The well is drilled as deep down as one to two miles, and then, it’s encased in steel or cement to ensure it doesn’t leak into groundwater. 1

As we’ll learn later, it leaks anyway.

Once it reaches the layer of rock covering the oil, the well then curves at about 90 degrees and begins drilling horizontally along the rock layer 1. This horizontal drilling can extend up to a mile from the vertical well bore 1.

Once the well is drilled, the process of pumping the pressurized water begins 1. The chemical-laced water is pumped into the well at an “extremely high pressure”, and in some cases, the pressure exceeds 9,000 pounds per square inch 1.

This highly pressurized chemical water fractures the rock and frees the oil for extraction 1.

2. Chemical “Flowback Liquid” Is Pumped to the Surface with Extracted Oil

Marc writes that “flowback liquid” (i.e. leftover chemical water) is pumped to the surface along with the extracted natural gas 1. Millions of gallons of this stuff are pumped back up, and some of its contaminants include radioactive material, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and various other toxins 1.

It’s then stored in pits at the fracking site, disposed at an off-site wastewater treatment plant or injected back into wells deep underground 1. Most small-town wastewater treatment plants lack the funds to deal with millions of gallons of flowback water, creating problems for the environment and local communities 1.

3. Fracking Causes Earthquakes

You may have heard this on the news: there are places that never experienced a single earthquake until oil companies began fracking. Youngstown, Ohio is one such place.

Charles Q. Choi at Live Science writes that the geological formation known as the Marcellus Shale is one of the most profitable fracking areas 2. The underground shale reaches from Ohio and West Virginia to southern New York and Pennsylvania, and it’s estimated to contain up to 489 trillion cubic feet of natural gas 2.

Youngstown is located on the Marcellus Shale, and as you can probably imagine, oil companies seized the opportunity to frack near the town in 2010, bringing the “Northstar 1 injection well” into operation 2.

As a result, Youngstown had its first ever recorded earthquakes – 109 of them in one year – since researchers in the area began observing potential seismic activity in 1776 2.

Let me repeat that for emphasis: Youngstown had not experienced one earthquake in over 200 years until fracking began there. Then, it experienced over a hundred quakes in one year. Let that sink in.

(Continued in this week’s reader’s question)


1. “Facts About Fracking” by Marc Lallanilla, Live Science:  


2. “Fracking Practices to Blame for Ohio Earthquakes” by Charles Q. Choi, Live Science:



By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness, July 3, 2016 – http://tinyurl.com/z7rv7j6

Mother Gaia - "My Body is This Planet"

Mother Gaia channeled by Ancient Awakenings

hear | mp3 | pdf

"The Guardians Have Received and Announced The Green Light Has Been Given"!

“Guardians”, “Sananda”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
Mother Gaia” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our 1st Sunday of the month Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Phoenix, AZ on October 2, 2016)

We are the “Guardians”. As you know, we have returned. We have returned to this planet, to this Solar System, to this Galaxy to bring about the New Age, to bring it all about into perspective again. To find that energy that has been lost by the many and bring it back into the ONE.

You are all the ONE, you are all the energy. It is your energy on the planet that is creating all the changes. It is your consciousness, your energy. It is helped by all those that are ministering to you that are guiding you but you are the ones who are doing this. Without your consciousness shifting there would be no Golden Age.

Without your consciousness shifting this civilization you know would already be gone. There have been many instances in the past where those that are administering to you, have been guiding you, have had much to do about having catastrophes, calamities from overtaking the Earth. Many times has that happened? But because of your consciousness, what could have been has been averted over and over again.

We are here now, as the “Guardians”. We have returned, we have come back to be with you in these times. To herald in the New Times. These New Times are upon you now. We are here to tell you now, fully, with no hesitation whatsoever, that the "Green Light" has been given within this Universe, within this Galaxy, within this Solar System, and on this Planet.

The green light has been given by Prime Creator so that all may come forward now, as prophesized. Not the prophesy of old where there would be many Earth changes and many perished within these Earth changes. Not those prophecies but a new understanding. A new “Changeover” that you are within right now.

In this very minute you will begin to experience this “Changeover”. First as a trickle and then as a deluge as the waves of energy continue to arrive on the planet coming before the main energy, the one, Galactic Pulse, that has been spoken of which will fully bring about this "Changeover” and what some call "The Event”.

But as you know it is not one event it is many events. It is many smaller events leading to the larger one. Because the green light has now been given it is very shortly that you will receive this energy influx in ways that you have not known before. But you will know. The energy will be powerful. It will be beyond what some may be able to handle. Some will exit the body because of this.

Do not worry about this for it is all in the way it needs to be. This is the light. The plan and all is orchestrated the way it must be. So, as you have been told many times, sit back and relax and get ready. Because the show, as has been spoken of, is about ready to begin. You are ready to cross the finish line, many of you; most of you will cross this finish line. Then most of you will turn around to go back and to help all of those struggling behind, all of those in the darkness still not knowing the light exists within them.

You are that light. You will help to shine that light to all. That is your mission. That is what you have come here for. So be ready now, our brothers and sisters. All is about to commence. You are about to have announcements that will tell about what is to come. They will be announcements that will prepare the world for the next step, for the various dominoes that begin to fall.

This is what we tell you now, as the “Guardians”. We tell you all is right. All is as it needs to be. All is in the very moment you are in. The very moment you are in is about to shift and change into a New Golden Age that you are the catalyst for.

We are the “Guardians”. We share our love and our peace and for you to know that you are never alone. That there are so many with you now to guide you along your journey.

Peace and love be with all of you.

This is “Sananda”. I am here briefly now to provide continuing understanding of that which has just been given.

As you know, you are the Light. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. It was not only I, as “Yeshua” that was the Way, the Truth and the Life. When I said this, I meant all. It is a pattern and you are following this pattern. You are following this archetype that has been created. You are the archetype. As you have heard many times, you are ones you have been waiting for.

We wish now for all of you to understand and grasp this. Because it is all you, it is all your consciousness, your collective consciousness, all of our collective consciousness together that is bringing in the New Golden Age. It is raising vibrations across the planet. That is bringing everyone into higher understandings, higher knowings.

Helping many who are lost, as the lost sheep, helping many to find their way home. And you as the Sheppard's are helping to herd those lost sheep back, to bring them back home, to bring them back to the fold. For we are here together now - all of us - to make this all happen.

The “Guardian” has said, “The green light has been given”. Yes, it has. The finish line, just out of your reach is not at all out of your reach. It is there right in front of you but as you continue to move forward it seems, at times to move away from you. Simply reach out and grasp it. It is there. You will cross it. All will cross it. As their time comes to do this. As their vibration increases. This is all about finding vibration, it is all about consciousness.

I leave you now as “Sananda”. Always know that I am with you. “St. Germaine” is with you. “Archangel Michael”, “Ashtar”, all of us are here to be with you. We are always a whisper away. Just call and we will be there.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I am “Sananda”.

(One Who Serves begins to come through but realized that they needed to turn this over to Mother Gaia first.)

“Mother Gaia”
I am the one you know as “Gaia”, as “Mother Earth”, this planet.

You may not be aware o9f this but I am a spiritual being. My body is this planet, inside and out. I have had so many people for such a long time who have been part of this experience. I have had many eradications of life over many tens of thousands of years.

I came into this experience as a 5D Being and I dropped down into a 3D experience for a long time. I know that I have had many storms, earthquakes. I know that I have had many ways of causing destruction to my human family over the centuries, over the eons. This was not intended to hurt you. Many times it was opportunity to stretch, to move things around. To allow you the growth you were meant to have.

You can think of me as a dog with fleas on my back and you are the fleas. This is a little joke but we know that with the time you have spent on this planet, as you have moved up the realm of redemption. You, too, are moving to a time and place where thee s no going back, there is only moving ahead. 

We heard the green light go on too! We knew that when we had conversations with Susan this week, that everything was about to change. Everything that you have known about me as a planet is changing. I am moving up in that Ascension Process as well. As well as all my brothers and sisters across this galaxy and others.

You may have heard this before. All of you have had past lives. You have been animals and trees and clouds and plants as well as human. You may also have been a planet of a sun. You have had many, many different lives. I am here to experience life in this way as wells as you ae experiencing your lives in your ways.

There are many changes that are happening upon the surface of my planet. I have new minerals that can be picked up from the Earth without the need to corrupt my skin. There are new waters coming from the ground in deserts around the Planet. There will be no need for water from this Planet as we all move ahead on our Ascension Process.

Everything is coming to a head. We know that this is an expression that you will never forget. You are to be blessed with abundance such as you have never known. You will be blessed that you can help others help me clean my lands. You will be blessed by learning about those and meeting those from Agartha and Inner Earth and then, meeting your brothers and sisters from the skies above.

I have spoken with this group before at your “Advances”. You had jobs to do from me. All of this led you here to be where you are, exactly where you need to be to make this next step.

“Obeediyach” wanted to speak today but we agreed that this is not a good venue for him because it is not easy for Susan to bring through his high pitched sing-songy voice but we will say that all of the animals on the planet ae making this change too. All of the animals on this planet are making a pathway to Ascension. The pets you have are holding the doors for you. For the meat eaters, you are moving along too where this shall no longer be needed anymore. 

Everything is being orchestrated perfectly. You think “Oh, we are going to flip on this switch and we are going to have money” or we are going to flip that switch and we are going to see the Cabal going away. None of these things are for you to think about any longer. It is not for a Fifth Dimensional being.

Go forth! Have wonderful week and watch as things unfold. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you! Back again. We put our foot in our mouth, almost, now quite.

“Ashira” is standing by and we are ready for your questions.

Question: Is it more important to settle issues in past lives like those in Atlantis and Lemuria or more important to work from here forward?

“One Who Serves”
It is only important to those who think it is important. It is important because you have a connection to your past lives. You have many memories there. You have had many memories come forward into your present life. Therefore they affect your present life or at least you think they do.

It is all in the mind here. This is not something you have to do or you will not have a good life or you won’t understand your life or anything of this nature. The past life regression is only a tool. Look at it as a tool. Just like crystals are tools. There are many tools. Your Tarot cards are tools. See? All of this is the same thing.

We would say yes. Look toward the future now. Look where you are going, not where you come from. Not where you have been but where you are going. Along the way of finding your way where you are going you will also find where you have been as well.

Question: Can you tell us about some wonderful and new things we will experience in 5D?

We will say that much that you are creating you are still creating. It is not something that is set in stone. The opportunities for your future start in the Now and move into your future with you to manifest as you choose.

Much of what you are speaking of were Lemurian or Atlantean at fist and part of Inner Earth as well. You may when you meet the Argathans, you may find that you can take what they do and bring it to the surface.

We are not going to speak specifically. We heard Susan share what was given long ago and was meant for this meeting today,

“One Who Serves”
So much of what you have coming in your future is yet beyond your wildest imaginations. You can take your wildest imaginations and take them and multiply them a hundred times over and then you get a little bit of a grasp of what is ahead.

It is correct to say that this is a process. You are moving through an Ascension Process and you will continue to move through levels of this process as you continue to evolve. You will continue on your journey and continue to rise in your vibrations.

The more that you more along your pathway through the Astral Plane and the Mental Plane, you will find that more and more that you want is right there, in your grasp! You simply think it and it is there.

This comes after your various technologies are released to move you in this process. You are going to have some technologies that are released, some that are already available, some that are not going to be released. There will be some from the Agarthans and others from the Galactics. 

They are going to assist you in your everyday life and helping you move through your everyday life in a blissful manner because you will no longer have to be concerned about survival and this type of thing. No one will. No one who is in these vibrations will ever have to be worried about survival again.

You can see how these technologies will increase your lifespan and increase your way of life. As you move up into the higher levels of Fifth Dimension you will find you will no longer need technology because your thought can create whatever it is you want.

Question: We are all in shock about the “Divine Creator’s” green light. What is the next step? Do you want to meet with us?

“One Who Serves”
Are we going to meet with you? We are already meeting with you again and again. We have been meeting with you a lot! (laughter) Will we be physically meeting with you? Yes, that is coming.

Those who are coming from the Agarthan Network, they will be coming up to meet you and you down to meet them. All of this is coming. Those of the Galactics will be coming down to meet you too. You have lots of meetings coming. (laughter)

We were wondering if you were going to ask about what is going on behind you and what is the opportunity for a landing?

Question: Yes, thank you. We want to build this group up. Anyone who wants to come for a healing. Our landing center. Anything, we want to do this.

We thought you may have forgotten. This has been an amazing week for this household. Has it not? Yes.

What we would say is that they are trying to make these lots more acceptable to buyers to build a house on. They are not going to have time to do this.

You need to put your thoughts down on paper. Sketch out what you imagine this is going to look like. Place it on a standing board so that others in this group can work with you. Start to put your energies into this mountaintop. Stat to put your energies into where this going and how it is being directed.

We do not care what somebody wants to do or are willing to do with their spaces. It is your responsibility to build this and with this group. What do you think about that? We will do that together.

“One Who Serves”
You have saying here from a movie. “Build it and they will come”. Take this to heart here. All will come as it needs to, whatever that might be.

Question: There are a lot of people who are using the Masters and others for false readings and are charging a lot of money for their information. Is that going away?

“One Who Serves”
This is already in the process of becoming resolved. There were many false prophets spoken of in the prophecies. This is that time for this and there will be more of these but there is less and less of a concern because of your consciousness. As your consciousness raises no one will come into you that is not supposed to be there.

This is the point. You have to allow it. If you allow for it to speak through you as an entity to come through or in, then you are bringing this on yourself. But if you know about protection and fill yourself with light, this cannot happen. As your consciousness rises it becomes less and less of a concern and as consciousness rises across the Planet, it is becoming less and less of a concern.

We are hearing that you have a concern about others. We would say that this is not a concern of yours. If you take care of yourself as “One Who Serves” says, then clear your path, give forgiveness and allow yourself to bloom on your path.

Don’t take in false information. That will be falling aside. We know that believe they need to earn a lot of money or learn to prove themselves to the world. All of these things are being passed and moving on.

The time you spend with other people doing special things is much more valuable to you than worrying about this. OK?

“One Who Serves”
You will come to a time where telepathy becomes more and more important. When you come to use this you will not be able to deceive anymore and no one will be able to deceive you.

Questions about the “Guardians”. “When were they here, where are they from, what can you tell us about them?

“One Who Serves”
We can tell you that the “Guardians” are from everywhere. They are not from one place. They are everywhere. They are so long ago that they are beyond our imagination at this point.

Understand that they have come for a reason. They have come for the time frame here, for the vibration, and yes, as you have said, because of the Collective Consciousness here has called to them. As well as Gaia herself, the Solar System, and the Galaxy here. All have called to the 
“Guardians” to come.

It is not only the “Guardians” who have answered this call, it is many have answered this call, even you did this long ago. This was a clarion call here. All is a process of coming together to bring about these changes. The “Guardians” are here to do their part. “This is an immensely important part.

We would say that without them, the orchestration would be little bit less here. Their presence moves the orchestration along much more so. That is why they have come and why those who know them are happy to welcome them. That includes the Agarthans who have been waiting for the return of the “Guardians” for a very long time.

Question: Last time we spoke you recommended the “Prepare for Landings” book. I bought that book and had a reading with Michael Elligion. I was listening to the reading recently and I had an experience of receiving info about “Kwan Ying and me. Can you tell me, is my Higher Self, ”Kwan Yin” or are we very close?

Yes, “Kwan Yin” is a being you have a closeness with. We encourage you if you have not investigated her wonderful story to do so. We have spoken of her as a her and have others in the audience raise their hand and say, “We thought she was a man?” We believe that this one can come forth as either male or female, depending on the message.

This one has a message for you. Has a message to share heart to heart. If you take the time to get to know her story, she will share information with you about your next step. OK? 

“One Who Serves”
We wish a moment here. When we do these meditations at the beginning of these sessions there are encodements in these. Whether you are on the phone or listening later, if you listen over and over it will do the same thing.

This meditation is called the “Celebration of Light”. It is a process. It is ancient and we have adapted it a little for your Western Culture here. It has been done for thousands and thousands of years. It brings about consciousness shift patterns here.
Question: I just wanted to clarify “Gaia’s” info. Did she talk about our pets dying?

You are mistaken. This is an area that has been covered in the past 3/12 years. The animals in your laps. Your pets, the ones you care for are operating in a much higher level as well. They are tools for your Ascension. They have encodements as well and they are leading you through the doorway to help you get through your experience.

If you think they are purely a cat or dog, do not worry about that my friend,. These animals that are with you now have made a decision to come into your life. They are holding the door for you and saying, come one. It is not a matter of death; it is a matter of Ascension.

“One Who Serves”
Adding one thing here. They are here to show you unconditional love. We think that those of you who have pets understand this here. When you are cuddling with them, do you not feel the love imbued within them? It comes out from every pour of their body towards you.

Question: Can the GCR occur without Putin verifying and ratifying his part in the Paris Peace Talks?

“One Who Serves”
Do you want a simple yes or no (not sure we can do that) (laughter) or can we give more information?

It is part of the orchestration we have been speaking of. It is one of the events we might say leading to the more major events. One of the dominoes that begins to fall. There will be more. Your Hillary Clinton will be one of the dominoes. There are many different things that are coming. This one you call “Putin” is part of this.

It is important that he signs this as it will cause a reverberation effect. Just as Brexit started a reverberation effect, many other events will too. All part of the greater orchestration here.

I will answer too. What we would say is that this is a situation that comes from that 3D realm. What we would look at is what it will take to move everyone forward now with this green light?

It does not matter what’s on the books or what people may say or may do. It’s not up to individuals to decide. Remember, so much is behind closed doors. So much is out of your view. So much is behind the Fourth and Fifth Dimensional pathway. Do not worry about things that do not seem to be accomplished in the 3D realm.

Now, you are moved up and moving forward with this green light! OK?

“One Who Serves”
Remember, there is a plan A, plan B, plan C and so on. Remember, this is part of the orchestration. If a plan fails, the next one comes in and the next one. As “Ashira” has said, it is not up to one individual. If they won’t do what is needed, another steps up.

This is what has been going on behind the scenes that the general public and even you, the Lightworkers, are not aware of.

Question: I’d like to ask about the “Gathering”. From “Zorra” it seems like it is taking us from the planet as an evacuation and I thought it was a party.

“One Who Serves”
We believe you have misunderstood the idea of the “Gathering” here. This is not a state for you , where you are now, to be beamed up to ships so the Earth can cleanse herself. That is later after Disclosure and many things have happened. After you have moved through your Ascension Process. Maybe even after you are in your Crystal Chambers and all of these things. This is not something that is going to happen in the near future here. It is down the road here some.

We have been talking about gatherings and parties everywhere. Talk about parties like you have not seen before. Those parties will be for your “Earth brothers and sisters, your Agarthan family and those from the ships. These parties are going to take place on the Earth, in the Earth and on board ships.

This is the time to share and celebrate. It is time to greet everyone! We call this a party that includes everyone ion the planet, in the planet and above the planet. It is time to share and be jubilant with all.

Question: When that man was speaking about Putin, you mentioned about Hillary Clinton being one of the dominoes to fall?

“One Who Serves”
Woops! We think we may have given a little more than we were supposed to. (laughter)

The election will not happen as you have already known it. What is in the process now is not going to be what it appears to be. OK?

Question: How soon do you see things happening?

“One Who Serves”
We see all things happening in the Now. We see all things based on probabilities. Probabilities that they will happen in the moment. In the moment we are speaking, there are certain things under way. In the next moment, because of individualized and mass consciousness things can shift. As things shift things move in a new direction and a new plan is developed.

This can go on and on and has been going on for some time now. There have been many moments where this was to go forward and it was held off. It was held off again and again and we had to move to the next plan and the next. When we talk of the “we” we talk about the collective, all of us together. We talk of the collective consciousness of human kind and we talk of process and change and moving on.

“One Who Serves #2"
(in response to something Anne says about not wanting to rock the boat)

We have news for you, Anne, you have been rocking the boat for some time now. Another “One Who Serves” here. All here have been rocking the boat. The more you rock it, it will tip over. It’s good for it to tip over because it brings change. It brings us to the next level.

You have been given the code, green light. Does that not mean go? Once you get a green light and you go forward that is what you are to do now. Go forward with all your various plans. Those things you have created, those things you have held back on. Find ways to contol your thoughts and all of these things.

Begin to do that, more and more. Begin to find yourself in the higher vibrations more and more. As you continue to move forward you will move up in the higher dimensions in the Ascension Process.

Then you will be looking back and not seeing any of these things that concerned you. WOW! What a ride that was. I am glad I am done with it now. And you are done with it now. Look at it as a rolleer coaster ride where they go up and down and faster and slower and all. It is time to get off of that stupid ride now. (laughter)

That roller coaster ride has been your life, lifetime after lifetime. Let it go. "Let it be". Yes! The Beatles had it right. "Let it be".

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Yes, I will keep it short. We have had a full session and lots of good questions. The type pf questions and the people who asked them, there was never an argumentative moment. All in peace. All moving forward. That is a wonderful thing to see. Not that people are afraid to call. We know that is not a situation that is an issue.

We are with you and we are excited about the green light. Let’s all move now!

I bring you my love and peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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